Kristiina Haataja 
Fine artist, sculptor, designer, art educator
b. 1973, lives in Stockholm, Sweden 

Works as Art educator alongside a career as an artist in Nacka, in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Owner of design brand KHD Kristiina Haataja Design, also known as K R I S T I I N A. Works mostly in mixed media and sculpture. Studio space in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden.

Masters in Arts and English, Umeå University, Sweden
Swedish Design History University credits, Halmstad University, Sweden Research Essay ”Visual Arts- Artists and Galleries/Museums”, Manchester University, UK Folk High School, Arts and Sculpture, Rimforsa, Sweden CAE-exams in Arts at Whakatane High School, New Zealand  Painting and Sculpture Evening School, Mariestad, Sweden
Featured in
Interior Magazine Nya RUM, June 2018
My Residence Magazine SE, May 2018
Elle Decoration UK, April 2018
My Residence Magazine SE, the Ode to, Feb 2018
Elisabeth Heier, Jan 2018
My Residence, international Bookazine 2018
Jennifer Hagler, A Merry Mishap blog, Nov 2017
Elle Decoration Magazine SE, Dec 2017
RUM Interior and Design Magazine, nr 3/2017
Plaza Interior Magazine Woman SE, Juy 2017
My Residence Magazine SE, Aug 2017

Publicly Represented 
Sculpture at Oslo Design Fair, Norway, 2018
Sculpture at Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy, 2018
Sculpture at Lutitia Hotel, Paris, France, 2018
One of 5 winners in "Samsung the Frame" Contest, finalist in the Nordic region, Sweden, 2017
One of the finalists in Artist Association Suomiart Artist of the Year- award, Sweden, 2015
Book cover Swede-Finn-research by Krister Björklund, published in Sweden, 2012
Wallpainting at Eglo Showroom, Varberg, Sweden
Paintings Pentacostal Church, Varberg, Sweden
Publicly represented at Varberg Hospital, Sweden, Sweden
Painting at Migration Board, Turku, Finland

Laura Seppänen Interiors (sculptures on request, ongoing), Finland
Atelier 27, Paris, France
Annaleenas Hem AB, Stockholm (sculptures on request), Sweden
The Ode to, Stockholm, Sweden
Houz, Olso, Norway
Gallery Karlenström (paintings), Borås, Sweden
PAUS interior, Varberg (prints and paintings), Sweden
Pompone Living, Interior store (paintings), Varberg, Sweden
Norrgatans Interiör, Interior store (paintings), Varberg, Sweden
Collagework of photographies: Fotograf Karin Linde, Varberg, Sweden
Collaboration project: Paintings to Village-stores in Sweden, Sweden